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Michael Garibaldi
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Michael Garibaldi
General Information
General Facts
Name: Michael Alfredo Garibaldi
Age: (first season of B5 (2258); extrapolate others from there): 37 (NaNo novel time (2273)): 52
Birthday: February 23, 2221
Nationality: Human (born on Earth) of Italian descent
Occupation: CEO/Owner of Edgars Industries (one of the 10 richest corporations on Mars)

Hair color & style: usually shaves head due to extreme male-pattern baldness; hair colour is now grey
Eye color: grey
Height: 6'1"
Build: somewhat large frame, currently pretty fit
Tattoos/Piercings/Distinctive or unusual markings: odd dark colouration in patterns that appear to be almost like tattoos of circuitry over tailbone/small of back area (not always visible); similar at back of head/neck
Scars: small knots of scar tissue at back of head/neck under colouration; PPG burn on back (shot point-blank); numerous other small-to-medium scars resulting from events during Earth-Minbari War and/or from various security jobs
Style: mostly business casual
Other: Outgoing, friendly, sometimes extremely sarcastic; also prone to brooding and possibly depression

Sexual preference: bisexual
Significant other: Jeffrey Sinclair (previous marriage to Lise Hampton-Edgars-Garibaldi)
Difficulties: Other than time, fate, & the Universe? Previous liaisons (willing or otherwise) with certain people and/or aliens
Best friend(s): Jeffrey Sinclair, John Sheridan, Stephen Franklin, Susan Ivanova, Lyta Alexander
Other friends: Mr. K, Mr. S, Delenn, Neroon, Kozorr, Zack Allan, Lou Welch, Astra Castillo, Londo Mollari, Vir Cotto, G'Kar, Lise

Parents: Father: Alfredo Garibaldi, deceased. Mother: deceased
Siblings/Other family: Unnamed grandmother (deceased) who was a Boston cop; daughter (Mary) with Lise
Relationships with parents: very good, though there wasn't a lot of demonstrative love from his father. However, his father cooked him his favourite meal (bagna cauda) for his birthday every year, and he knew it meant his father loved him
Relationships with siblings/Other family: good relationship with grandmother, who told him tales of being a cop; loves his daughter but isn't really there much for her (a lot of the reason he and Lise broke up); supports her monetarily and keeps track of her life, visits for all of the big events

Vices and flaws
Smoking: very occasionally a celebratory cigar
Alcohol: alcoholic who has been sober for 2 years 3 months 13 days by the start of the NaNo novel set starting on 10-06-2273 (seriously fell off the wagon after testimony at Bester's trial)
Sex: yes, please
Character flaws: alcoholic; quick to anger, bad temper; occasionally hypocritical tendencies; issues with temptation and willpower
In regards to the law: he worked security for years, so is very conscious of the law; tries to uphold it wherever possible, but will "break" the law if it is a bad law/order (such as when B5 rebelled against the Clarke regime)
Fighting: trained in EF hand-to-hand combat, tends more towards brawler style if not 'on the job'; also has some Ranger training using a denn'bok and if he doesn't think about it, is at expert level with it though using an "archaic" style (Galenn's memories)

Musical talents: none
Athletic ability: see 'fighting' above
Cooking: can make pretty damned good Italian food
Languages: English, Interlac, some Narn (mostly dictionary-jockey level skill), some Minbari (same, though if he's not thinking about it, he's able to understand more than usual)
Other: telepath, empath (able to both sense and sometimes project emotions), ability to sense electronic surveillance, variation on technomage abilities due to Shadow-tech implants
OOC Notes
Disclaimer: Babylon 5 and its characters do not belong to me. Some people mentioned in this journal may be my own characters, but Babylon 5 belongs to JMS and Warner Brothers. This journal is for entertainment purposes only, and there's no way I'm making money from this. This journal may contain adult material which will be marked as such. If you read it despite warnings, that is entirely your own fault, I don't want to hear any complaints from you.

Verse Info AU/Nanowrimo (unpublished) novel verse: Most of the events of the series happened. However, Z'ha'dum was not destroyed and instead was placed under a strict quarantine. Lyta survived the telepath rebellion. Garibaldi & Lise did have a daughter, but they didn't stay together. The Shadows & Vorlons are big fat liars (like this is a surprise).

Some of the things that happened to/were done to Garibaldi are based in part on events from my Out of the Shadows series (written when the show was originally airing and originally posted on the UnrestB5 mailing list) and on the background/story developed for Galenn Shadowslayer in earlier TM prompts and RP. Garibaldi's telepathic abilities are also based on that and expanding on his 'cop's intuition' and the Universe's sense of irony where he's concerned.
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